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Denture Relines

To get the best fit and comfort from your denture and maximum suction, the denture needs to fit closely and evenly on your gums and ridges

The reason for a denture reline, is that the base of the denture is no longer a close fit to the gums on which it rests, which can cause rocking, trauma, pain and looseness. This is generally caused by small changes that have occur in your gum tissue over a period of time.

These changes can be caused by:

  • Resorbing bone in the jaw.
  • Weight loss.
  • Age and condition of denture.
  • Infection in the gums and bone.
  • The gums and bone healing after a tooth extraction.

The benefits of a reline are:

  • Restore the stability and retention of your denture.
  • Improved comfort and confidence
  • Improved function and better lip support
Denture Relines side image
Denture Relines Sunshine Coast

There are three basic types of reline:

  • Standard reline – this uses the same hard acrylic material as the denture itself.
  • Soft reline – this is, as the name suggests a softer lining inside the lower denture which improves comfort in situations where a conventional hard acrylic can be sore.
  • Temporary reline – This is used when you have had teeth extracted. During the healing phase, whilst changes are still being seen to your gums a temporary reline material can be used to improve the fit. This short-term soft lining material has a cushioning effect and helps distribute pressure more evenly to your gums. This promotes healing before a more durable, longer term lining, is put into your denture.

Please note that while a reline will greatly improve your comfort and function, it will not change your appearance

At Advance Oral we offer a same day service on all relines, both in the Clinic and by utilizing our Mobile Service. We recommend relining your denture every 2 -5 years.

At Advance Oral we offer a Professional Consultation, book an appointment, where we can discuss the denture options that best suit your needs.