Dentures – What are my Options?

woman with dentures on the sunshine coast

Today, modern dentistry is providing consumers with more choices than ever before when it comes to dentures. This provides a guide as you or a loved one starts to look into the world of dentures. What’s right for you? How do you get the best fit? Which procedure is the least expensive?

Why do I need Dentures?

Many people need dentures for many different reasons. Simply put, they are removable, custom-made replacements for missing teeth. Regardless of the issue you had with your faulty teeth, they provide a sturdy, functional replacement that restores your smile and confidence, making all previous insecurities with your teeth obsolete.

Before dentures, many people also comment on the hollow look their face can appear with missing teeth. Missing teeth can also create differences in speech. Your teeth are actually a very important part in talking and without them your mouth will adjust to the replacements, and your muscles will regain strength to regulate your speech once again.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can help you to enjoy a more fulfilling diet as well. With faulty/cracked teeth, it can be hard to enjoy some of your favourite foods, especially foods that differ in temperature, like cold ice-cream or warm soup. They can make it easier to return to your normal diet, as these replacements alleviate the sensitivity weak teeth can create. They also provide you with a sturdier bite, allowing you to once again enjoy most of the food you enjoyed before.

Traditional Dentures

False teeth, everyone has heard of them, right? We have all grown up watching advertisements for products to better grip them in place. Dentures are an important part of restoring a person’s smile which can bring back confidence and self-esteem.

However, they can have some complications. They still slide, causing challenges for eating and talking. The moving can also cause soreness on the gums. Plus, dentures require care. When not worn they should be placed in a cleanser soaking solution, brushed daily, and examined for any cracks or chips.

If there are any changes in the mouth your dentures may require relining or rebasing and not necessarily replacement. Your professional prosthetist can discuss this with you.

Implant Retained Dentures

For a firmer denture fit, consider implant-retained dentures. Using dental implants to retain or support ill-fitting dentures has gained in popularity. With implant-retained dentures, the gums absorb more of the force of the bite. Fewer dental implants are required, making treatment less expensive.

The forces involved in chewing are transferred to the bone structures and less onto the gums/mucosa. Making the process of eating much more comfortable and confidence is that much higher.

Implant retained dentures can be conveniently made for just a portion of the mouth and blend in with the remaining permanent teeth.


Darren Fletcher is the owner and senior technician at Advance Oral Dentures with nearly 40 years’ experience in the construction of dentures. Darren studied in the UK and then graduated from the Royal Sydney Dental Hospital in 1998. Darren moved to the Sunshine Coast over twenty years ago where he established Advance Oral as an in-home mobile denture service. He has since expanded and now runs a state-of-the-art denture clinic to compliment the mobile service.  Darren continually enhances his skills by completing regular additional dental courses. Darren is qualified to construct and work with implant retained over dentures.

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