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Denture Cleaning

  • We recommend cleaning your dentures at least once a day using a brush and liquid dish washing detergent.
  • Soak your dentures every few days in a denture cleaner such as Steradent or Polident.
  • Remember to fill the sink with water so that if you drop your dentures there is less chance of them breaking.
  • We recommend professionally cleaning your dentures every 12 months to maintain the high shine and prolong the life of your denture.
  • Professional cleaning can be done in the clinic while you wait, or our Mobile Service can come to your home and return your clean dentures in the afternoon.
  • Professional denture cleaning is affordable, and you can claim with your health fund.

Community Talks

Advance Oral offer a free Health and Wellness Talk with a focus on Dental Health to local groups and clubs. We provide a complimentary morning tea with a free dental sample bag for everyone that attends.

Our insightful and educational 15-minute talk includes:

  • Learn ways to age gracefully by maintaining optimum health.
  • See the latest denture prosthetics available.
  • See the latest dental cleaning products, with some samples available.
  • Maintain your current oral health – minimise future tooth loss.
  • Discover healthy ageing with natural products that will help you to live long & live healthy.
  • Learn why your dentures become loose.

Talk to our friendly staff if you would like to take advantage of this talk for your group or club!

Mouth Guards

If you play sport or have a family member who does, we highly recommend having a custom-fitted mouth guard.

The cost of an injury to the teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a mouth guard.

Some of the benefits having a custom mouth guard made by Advance Oral are:

  • Custom-fitted mouth guards provide better protection as they are made to fit only your mouth.
  • Advance Oral custom make mouth guards from heavy duty, flexible vinyl or laminates.
  • See the latest dental cleaning products, with some samples available.
  • Made onsite in our state-of-the-art laboratory by trained professionals.
  • Our mouth guards are a cost-effective solution and rebates are available from your private health fund.
  • We can personalise your mouthguard with your name and number.