Six Signs That You Might Need Dentures

Immediate Dentures before and after

There are all sorts of reasons why dentures are the best choice. Fitted correctly, dentures may not only make eating easier, they can also assist in resolving digestive problems, as well as transform your smile! If you’re unsure whether to approach your dentist to have dentures fitted, it can help to know when they may be clinically recommended. Read on to discover six signs that could mean dentures are right for you. As an experienced Sunshine Coast denture provider, Advance Oral Dentures is able to create and fit high-quality dentures that offer numerous benefits.

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1. Red, swollen and/or receding gums

Spongy, swollen, inflamed gums are usually a sign of gingivitis or gum disease. Chronic gum disease causes the gums to recede, as well as reduces their close fit around the teeth. If left untreated for long enough, gum disease causes the gums to recede so much that the teeth become loose and drop out. In these circumstances, dentures are often recommended.

2. Missing teeth, or large gaps between teeth

Large gaps between teeth make it difficult to chew food adequately prior to swallowing. This can lead to bigger chunks of food being swallowed, causing digestive problems and even choking. Even if full dentures aren’t needed, a partial denture might be required to help support the remaining teeth, as well as improve chewing.

3. Very stained, chipped, or stumpy teeth

For people who still have their teeth, but who have teeth that look unappealing, dentures may work really well. Whilst there are other forms of cosmetic work that can be carried out on teeth in good condition, decayed teeth that also look unattractive may be better replaced with dentures that have a natural appearance.

4. Difficulty eating

If you are experiencing problems in managing to chew sufficiently well to swallow comfortably, dentures could be what are needed. If made to a high standard so that the fit is good, dentures can make chewing much easier than struggling with insufficient teeth. People with poor teeth can often end up with malnutrition and/or digestive problems, as their diet becomes restricted: in these circumstances, dentures can make a real difference to health.

5. Toothache and decay

Whilst minor toothaches can often be treated conservatively with the use of a filling or root canal, in some cases there’s little option but to extract the tooth. If a number of teeth ache due to decay, the resultant extractions can create a gap that will need filling by a partial denture.

6. Neglected teeth

Although most people are aware of the recommendation to have a check-up every six months, a significant number end up not visiting the dentist until they develop a toothache. By this time, it can be too late for remedial action to save the tooth. Unfortunately, neglected teeth are less likely to respond well to root canals or fillings, leaving extraction as the only option. A denture is then needed to fill the gaps.

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